sexta-feira, 28 de junho de 2013

Perplexidade sobre a comunidade João Sem Medo

Somos confrontados muitas vezes com esta perplexidade, aqui nas palavras do Charles Eisenstein:

"Any time we come across a seemingly altruistic enterprise, we tend to think, “What’s the catch?” How are they secretly making money from this? When are they going to ask me for money? The suspicion, “He’s actually doing it for the money” is nearly universal. We are quick to descry financial motives in everything people do, and we are deeply moved when someone does something so magnanimous or so naively generous that such motive is obviously absent. It seems irrational, even miraculous, that someone would actually give without contrivance of return. As Lewis Hyde puts it, “In the empires of usury the sentimentality of the man with the soft heart calls to us because it speaks of what has been lost.”

Sacred Economics Money, Gift, & Society in the Age of Transition, Charles Eisenstein, 2011

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